Zombie Paintball Hunt
$22 per body

You are seated on Creepy Hallow’s customized zombie paintball trailer with your trusty paintball gun mounted in front of you! As you ride into the city of the dead... ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE looking to feast on human flesh! Shoot them as they attack or you may not survive the creatures of the night.
**Kid Friendly**
**Zombies do not shoot back**

Terror Trails Haunted Cornfield & Woods
NEW Extended Trail for 2017!
$24 per body

Take a hayride into the darkness of Creepy Hallow’s Terror Trails... where you are dropped off at The Haunted Cornfield, and left to find your way out of the corn with the creatures of the night! Not knowing what is lurking through the cornstalks, will you make it out alive?

Coffin Simulator
$12 per body

Climb into the Coffin as you take your "Last Ride" and experience the actual sight, sounds and feelings of what it's like to be buried alive!

Paintball Target Shoot
$12 per body "Ready, Aim, Shoot!"

Prepare yourself for the creatures of the night
with our all new Paintball Target Shoot!

80 balls included!
(This is NOT Zombie Paintball Hunt)